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Unlock Efficiency: 1 Million hours of repetitive tasks automated away.

Automation & Integration Experts.

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Elevate efficiency, and amplify impact—empowering your business with seamless automation solutions.

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Achieve More With Less.

We Automate Repetitive Tasks So You Can Focus On What Matters.

ERP, CRM, PRM, HR, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Accounting, E-commerce, and More - We've Got You Covered

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Maximize Your Profitability By Eliminating Redundancy.

Automation is your business's secret weapon against redundancy. It's the smart integration of technology to handle repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on what matters most - innovation and growth.

From start to finish, we've got it all covered – initial consultation, meticulous planning, seamless development, efficient project management, and flawless implementation.

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Your Business's Needs Are Unique, Make Your Tools Work For You.

Deliver a connected digital experience, by integrating digital platforms. Do you wish your Salesforce CRM could seamlessly communicate with your team's HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, QuickBooks, Etc.?

Discover the power of integration by turning your businesse's diverse software needs into a single integrated platform.

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Bailey Nelson Case Study: $10,000 Saved Per Year, 260 Hours Freed up


Bailey Nelson

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Our HR and payroll operations were drowning in inefficiency. Manual data synchronization between BambooHR and ADP Workforce One not only consumed precious hours but also left our team fatigued with repetitive tasks. The burden of redundant data entry was taking a toll on our productivity, creating a pressing need for a solution.

IOA Digital integrated Bailey Nelson's HR and Payroll systems, saving 5 hours per week, equivalent to over $10,000 annually. The tangible benefits were accompanied by an intangible boost in employee morale, as repetitive tasks became a thing of the past. Bailey Nelson highly recommends Ryan and his team at IOA Digital for their commitment and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Services Used

Automation: IOA Digital consulted with Bailey Nelson to determine what data needed to be synchronized between BambooHR and ADP, and leveraged their experience in API automation to automate the data synchronization.

Integration: IOA Digital successfully integrated Bailey Nelson's BambooHR with ADP Workforce ensuring consistent data across platforms.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

With IOA things just work

"You get what you pay for. With other developers I'm constantly debugging production releases but with IOA Digital things just work."

Jeremy R.
Owner | T-CAT Corp

They are experts

"They are experts in simplifying complex ideas and processes. I appreciate there promptness and efficiency in all forms of communication."

Doris B.
Industry Professional | Personal Brand

We highly recommend Ryan and his team. We Plan on working with them again.

"We needed a pretty comprehensive and complex automation, and he accommodated all of our requests quickly and accurately, and provided suggestions for improvements along the way. We highly recommend Ryan and his team and plan on working with them in the future."

Mason F.
Integrations | LiveSchool

A+ for honesty and integrity

"I didn't actually have a chance to complete a project with Ryan -- only got as far as to do a bit of discovery with him. In that process, he was really helpful, diligent and honest. He pointed me in the direction of a proper solution to my problem, even though it wasn't something he could help with directly. A+ for honesty and integrity. Thank you!"

Yacine B.
Co-Founder & Head of Product | Chroma

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Results Don't Lie

Over 1 Million Hours of Labor Automated Away

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95% REDUCTION in lost orders & hundreds of reporting hours saved

Implemented order syncing from GoFlow to AccountMate and automated 12 manual reports with a bespoke reporting suite.

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$18,000 per year Zapier subscription reduced to $636. A 96% reduction

We took  Zapier automations costing our client over $18,000 per year, and rebuilt them in, resulting in a 96% cost savings.

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ELIMINATED data issues by syncing Kiflo and HubSpot databases

We restructured our client's data synchronization and conducted rigorous testing, enabling their team to focus on sales, not software bugs.

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Recovered 1200 Leads per month lost due to broken form validation

We built a data validation protocol in our client's FormsCraft Lead Capture System. This resulted in an additional 1200 Leads captured per month.

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AUTOMATED away tedious emails requesting art proof approvals

Automated art proof approval: Employees upload proofs, automatically emailed for approval, boosting productivity by ~5%.

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Saved 40 hours per week by streamlining manual data entry.

Integrated AccountMate ERP with Da Vinci WMS, allowing for 100s of orders to have their data and Inventory synced across platforms.

LiveSchool Case Study: "Saved 40 Hours of Time Per Week, $50,000 Saved Per Year



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We needed to scale our small team to better support our growing customer base. Our renewal process involved lots of manual work building quotes, generating invoices, and required us to manually apply for client renewals. Also, the vast majority of our renewals occurred in a single quarter, causing our team an overwhelming amount of condensed, time-sensitive work.

We also needed to level up our business by migrating our existing CRM platform to Hubspot. This was particularly challenging due to the years of data involved and was cause for great concern.

In resolving LiveSchool's HubSpot concerns, IOA showcased the power of our integration package, highlighting HubSpot's CRM and workflows. We eased the migration process, delivering the project ahead of schedule, under the estimated cost, and surpassed expectations.

LiveSchool was able to forgo hiring expensive third-party contractors to handle the renewal process. This allows LiveSchool to prioritize world-class service, instead of quotes, and renewals.

Services Used

Automation: IOA Digital consulted with LiveSchool in order to identify employee pain points, implement automated workflows, and save LiveSchool an average of 40 hours per week of painstaking manual work.

Integration: We migrated LiveSchool's CRM to Hubspot integrating the following applications: HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Workflows, HubSpot Quotes, Quickbooks, Typeform,, Google Sheets, Intercom, and FireBase.

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Meet the A-Team

Ryan torso

Ryan Vachon
Founder & CEO

Harman Torso

Harman Randhawa
Automation Expert

Brett torso

Brett Buhler
AI Integrator

Meet the A-Team

Founded by Ryan Vachon - Automation Expert & Entrepreneur

We are tech-savvy experts obsessed with helping businesses automate.

Discover the transformative power of automation with Ryan Vachon and his team. Recognizing the vast disparity in automation quality, Ryan was inspired to create IOA Digital, a cutting-edge development agency committed to delivering high-quality automation solutions that optimize cost.

Ryan's vision has propelled IOA from a one-man operation to a thriving Edmonton-based development agency, setting new standards for excellence in the world of digital innovation.

We are one of the very few agencies to be partnered with directly.

I'm Ready, Let's Work Together
MVP Visuals Case Study: Automated Workflows Save Time & Money



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We were far too reliant on internal, onsite employees to perform the customer service and artwork-related tasks that our order process demanded. As a result, our employee costs were higher than anticipated, our service time was slower than we would have liked, and our customer journey was too reliant on manual work.

This manual process for our team and the client affects our industry more than most as each order is tied to an event date where our custom signage will be displayed. Any breakdown or additional time spent prior to production increases the risk of an order not being delivered on time.

We have multiple people on our service team, and each individual started saving multiple hours per week through IOA Digital's automation. Also, the automations greatly improved our customer's experience. Instead of replying to digital art proofs by email, our customers can now approve or revise proofs all within a single document. This saves our clients the tedious work of maintaining long chains of emails and lets all their design decisions live in a single place.

Because this new process is less labor-intensive, we've been able to hire remote virtual assistants INSTEAD of full-time in-person staff. This is a substantial positive impact on our business's bottom line.

Services Used

Automation: We provided a top-quality automation service that took MVP's manual processes and turned them into streamlined automated workflows.

Integration: We took our client's existing technology stack and seamlessly integrated each distinct tool into a single unified system. This process involved integrating Etsy, Shopify, AirTable, Close CRM, Quickbooks, Google Drive, and Slack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to find out how we can help you?

Welcome to IOA Digital—where innovation meets efficiency! From local businesses streamlining schedules to boosting Customer Relationship Value and Average Order Value for e-commerce brands, we specialize in tailored automation solutions. With a proven track record across diverse industries, our innovative tools are designed to drive efficiency and elevate your bottom line. Ready to revolutionize your business? Contact us today and experience the transformative power of automation.

Who are the developers?

We are a proudly Canadian team of three developers all located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We do not outsource anything at all. If we’re taking on the job, we are doing the work ourselves!

Why use no-code tools to build automations?

Long story short, because it’s cheaper, faster, visual, and easier to maintain. The main point here is visual. Even non-technical users can provide direct feedback and point out logic issues because the interface is graphical - not just a bunch of code. That being said, if an automation needs it, we can provide fully custom solutions.

Do you support automations after they are built?

Yes! Of course. We can continue to maintain automations as needed after they are built.